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  1. Open the iPhone XR14.7.1 mobile phone end currency to see the APP version 3.3.0 on the "asset" page, click ETH, and enter ETH's "currency details page". Click "Transfer" to enter the "ETH transfer" page.
    It you can paste or manually enter the ETH collection address (please repeatedly confirm the receiving address), or use the "Scan and Scan" to directly scan the QR code and scan into the ETH collection address. Fill in the transfer amount and choose the appropriate miner fee (the system will give the recommended value. The less the miners cost, the slower the transfer, and the faster the transfer speed of the miners).
    Reminder: The transfer of money is required for transfer. It is recommended that you refer to the recommendation value given by the system. Do not set too low miner fees, because too low miners will lead to the failure of transfer. On the other hand, when the transfer on the chain fails, the miners will still be consumed, which will cause you unnecessary losses.
    Click to confirm, enter the security password, and confirm the
    to jump to the "Transfer" page. You can check the transfer progress here and wait for the transfer to complete.
    If the transfer is successful, the "successful page" will be generated; if the transition fails, there will be a "transaction failure" page, prompting "the transfer fails! Please try it out!" Initiative again.
    It ETH as an example on the "asset" page, click ETH to enter ETH's "currency details page". Click "receipt" to enter the "ETH receipt" page.
    It you can click "Copy" to copy the receiving address, or click "Share address" to share the collection address code.
    It you can also view each receipt record in "ETH transaction records".
    This expanded information:
    In coins to see the intelligent aggregation transactions independently developed, and through the merger of the Binance, OKEX, Huobi Global Exchange, the order and depth of the hung order are realized on the currency to see a exchange. No need to authorize other exchanges APIs, that is, 80%of the global liquidity can be traded across exchanges, and efficiency and income are 3 times.
    Thenone in the global financial center, such as Japan and Singapore, all set up offices, and also obtained a digital currency trading license issued by the Japan Financial Department. Not long ago, the 8th anniversary celebrations have just been seen. In the past 8 years, there are many industries the first in the industry: the market reminder function in 2012, the information aggregation function in 2013, the mining monitoring function in 2014, the out -of -field transaction function in 2016, 2018 The vertical community of the K station, the intelligent aggregation transaction in 2019 ... Last year, a new grid transaction was launched, hoping to continue to go further and further.

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