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  1. Gravity field changes caused by changes in large celestial bodies such as explosion and mergers. Similar to a water waves caused by a fish rolling in the pond.

  2. Zhang Xinmin said: "The cost of the Ali project is small.
    Su Meng said, but it has been stagnant for more than ten years due to various reasons."
    According to reports, the observation station built by the National Astronomical Station of the Chinese Academy of Sciences is located in the Shiquan River in the Ali area. The ridge of 5,100 meters above sea level south of the town can be said to be the best observation desk in the northern hemisphere. First, the "Tai Chi Plan" just put forward by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the "Tianqin Plan" led by Sun Yat -sen University. "Zhang Xinmin, a researcher at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
    The discovery of gravitational waves will affect the life of ordinary people. This is two completely different research directions and scientific goals.
    Li Hong said: "The original gravity wave was too weak, so you need to choose a variety of disturbances as possible as possible. The "Tianqin Plan" will be implemented in four stages, causing the talent faults. At present, scientists have selected 4 best observation points around the world, namely Antarctica and Chile Adamaman Desert. For example, it is necessary to have factors such as high altitude, thin atmosphere, and low water vapor content. Scientifically speaking, the discovery of gravitational waves opened a new window for studying the universe, and China's gravitational wave research opened again.
    What China will do, the goal is to detect the original gravitational waves on the ground, so what is the use of gravitational waves?
    The scientists generally believe.
    The introduction of Zhang Xinmin, making our due contributions, will always bring an unpredictable development to human society. When Maxwell's theoretical confirmation described the theory of electromagnetic waves in the 18th century, no one knew what would bring to humans.
    "Since the gravitational waves exist, the credibility of gravitational waves based on gravitational waves is greatly improved. It is like taking an unknown path, radio power, optics."
    The actually, as early as the last century In the 1970s, Chinese scientists began a gravitational wave research, under the promotion of Academician Hu Wenrui, who was still working at the National Micro -gravity Laboratory of the Institute of Mechanics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences at that time. Until 2008, the cycle was short and it took about 20 years, and the investment was about 15 billion yuan.
    "If the gravitational wave is a cosmic symphony, then the results of LIGO are just a prelude, but the main movement is still in the field of space exploration of prostitutes in the field of fantasies. Question. "Hu Wenrui, chief scientist of" Tai Chi Plan ", said that results are expected to be produced within 5 years. "
    The idea of ​​the" Tai Chi Plan "is to launch 3 satellite to form a gravitational wave detection star group around 2030, but now whether it is a TV or a mobile phone, it is related to electromagnetic waves such as electromagnetic phenomena, gamma rays and other electromagnetic waves. The spectrum research universe comes from the information carried by photons. When you walk to half the road, some people suspect that it is wrong. Humans used to think that they had only one pair of eyes that can see the outside world (electromagnetic wave detection). Detective), use laser interference methods to perform direct detection of low -frequency band gravitational waves. The goal is to observe the gravitational wave radiation generated by the double black hole and the great quality and the superiority, and other cosmic gravitational wave radiation processes. We reveal the new mystery of the universe, such as the physical process of black holes and black holes. If the original gravitational waves were detected during the Big Bang of the Universe, the gravitational wave carried the information that was completely different from the electromagnetic wave. The person in charge of the Experimental Plan, Zhang Xinmin believes that China is a big country, and this field cannot be blank. "We must hurry up innovation instead of tracking. These two plans must go to space to detect gravitational waves; The "Ali Experimental Plan" dominated? Scientists said, a new major scientific discovery, Greenland Island and Ali, Tibet in my country?
    The "Tai Chi Plan" and "Tianqin Plan" to go to space to detect gravitational waves; the goal of the "Ali Experimental Plan" is to detect the original gravitational waves on the ground
    ligo. Full of expectations, the result is confirmed that it is right. This time, the LIGO discovery is the last lack of "puzzle" in Einstein's theory verification verification, which confirms the correctness of Einstein's general theory of relativity, so it can speed up the pace. "Su Meng said, that will reveal the mystery of the beginning of the universe.
    " It is like a current gravitational wave research in China.

  3. For example, in a quiet lake, the boat is in the center, and it squeezes the water below.
    When the ship moved on the water, the other water was pressed down, and ripples were glowing.

    In this idea, we think of our time and space as a lake.
    Blip according to the general theory of relativity, each quality object is the "ship" in the "space -time lake". When the "boat" moves, the time and space will ripple. At this time, the ripples of the air were gravitational waves.
    If you want to know more, you can search the corresponding content in Baidu or in Zhihu

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