5 thoughts on “What is the life of a pyramid scitter and how to get them out of MLM?”

  1. Virtual finance to make a lot of money is to use the psychology of not being worked. There are a lot of stealing insurance information, impersonating insurance staff, and cheating middle -aged and elderly people to buy pits for financial management after paying insurance. There are no good things for the dog, there is no good thing to come to the door, everyone must be cautious

  2. What do you heard? Is the empire on the ground? Someone beside me was in you, and I told me a day that he would have a lot of money.

  3. Tell me. When I went in, I took a knife. The purpose of going in is to take her out. Unfortunately, I didn't bring it out. Go in 10 days. A newcomer came in again. It doesn't feel good. Then she came to work again. I started to make trouble that day. She slept her that night. Now she is still inside. Can't bring out. Two months in. It's always suffering. I said a word to my fellow. You can leave if you can't pull anyone. Waste the time in it. A girl in Hunan was that I said her. She left. Xi'an. She starts liabilities now. I talked to her. When did you have more than 50,000 liabilities. Just come out.

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