Brush Bao short video liar,

Skilling a day, you can brush a piece of more money, and you will have to sign in for 20 days with 10 yuan. The more excessive thing is that I finally signed in for 20 days. I actually provided the ID number, the bank card number, and the mobile phone number. If the money was stolen! How to do? Intersection

5 thoughts on “Brush Bao short video liar,”

  1. Brushing Bao is not yet to the point of the puppet people. It is also a short video platform. It is an additional reward for brushing videos to make ingot. Essence
    and the withdrawal provides identity information. This is just the platform preventing someone from bound multiple accounts and paying money from brushing. In fact, there are many places where the information is leaked. Big, so money will not be stolen, which is just a verification.

  2. No, Brushing Bao is still very reliable, it is a short video platform, and it is not charged on the brush video in Brush brush, and also gives certain rewards. These rewards can be used to reward your favorite comments. You can also give your favorite anchor, which is equivalent to the currency of a virtual world.

    and I think that brush treasure as a rookie of short videos is to win by high -quality content. Many friends around them like to play brush treasures because they like to brush the content of the treasure.

  3. If I haven't played brush treasure before, I may feel so. After I played brushing the treasure, I discovered that there were interesting bloggers on it. (You can also earn ingot with a video)
    The videos that can be seen in all walks of life in various industries can be seen. The teacher can be turned into a chef), and you can also open your own vision from another angle to make yourself better through another angle, and make yourself better.
    The brush treasure is a short video entertainment platform. If you think you can get it good for yourself, then it is good. If you do not get things from it, it is only a waste of time, which is for you for you. It's not good.

  4. Now there are a lot of temptations in society. Many short videos do have some irregular things, but if you brush the treasure, you can rest assured, not to mention that he has so many stars to recommend it. Major application stores are online, and the user scores are also very high.
    I, I usually like to pay attention to some little babies, pets, and then there will be many bloggers on it. What kind of way they use to exercise their baby Lilu Harry, this blogger may not pay attention to it, but I really admire his ability to teach Erha. The kind of tacit understanding and the expression of Erha happiness make me feel that raising a pet is really good!

  5. The landlord said that the problem didn't make it clear. What was going on? I used brushing treasures. There has been no problem. Is the landlord who has no authentication, or if you have any other questions. If you ca n’t, ask the customer service. Do n’t you have an online customer service on the app? I have consulting the questions twice. I hope your problem can be solved.

    The talk about my experience of brushing treasure. I have used it for almost a year. The video resources of this app are very rich. You can see a lot of interesting videos in it. You can learn a lot of life in life. New skills, like how to pick durian, how to make the oven version of sweet potatoes, and how to diet and exercise can lose weight. There are experts that can teach you, and you can learn it. Convenience, I have increased a lot of knowledge in this year anyway.

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