5 thoughts on “Can selling virtual items online can make money? Is it so good?”

  1. The investment of 300 yuan is not so easy to earn. The vast majority of agents buy this recharge software are the reputation of online stores. It is good to develop online stores for a long time. Therefore, the role of this recharge software is here, but it is not profitable. The preliminary recharge is not profitable. The profit selling software is high, and the effort is one -point. Things in human beings

  2. Is it okay to sell virtual items online? Make money on online selling virtual items?
    It brothers, I will tell you very seriously that selling virtual items must make money. Why?
    It virtual investment Xiaoyi to take care of
    can also sell with the real objects
    , such as clothes
    bags n electrical

    It what I don’t understand, please ask me
    It for more than 2 years in Taobao shop
    free consultation

  3. In fact, this mainly depends on how I do
    I also open the outlets
    I also do virtual
    , I will do real objects immediately
    Is to add me directly
    I can teach you
    On how to do
    The contact if you have sincerity
    A liar will be exempted, thank you

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