What are the disadvantages of brushing your face? Please analyze it in combination with the actual situation of life

1 thought on “What are the disadvantages of brushing your face? Please analyze it in combination with the actual situation of life”

  1. What impact does the use of face payment have on our lives? Let's talk about what advantages it has:
    1. Most of the places where the travel efficiency is higher
    The first place where the face payment is used is the subway and the bus. These are all occasions with dense traffic. Because of this occasion, there are often queuing phenomena. Whether it is a coin or a card, or a two -dimensional code, it exists at least "find" and "use". Find coins or mobile phones first, and then use it. At least there are at least two steps. These two steps seem to take a short time, but accumulate, one person for five seconds, ten people are fifty seconds. And there is only one action "brushing face", just brush. On average, one to two seconds completed the payment. This payment model greatly improves our travel efficiency, which is an important advantage.
    2, easy to use
    is a major characteristic of human. For example, if you are in a car, you should not stand when you can sit. The face -to -face payment is more convenient than scanning code payment. In summer, it is hot and cool, and the mobile phone has no place for many times. It can be brushed, and the mobile phone is saved simply. In winter, cold, I can't wait to hold my hands in my pocket for 24 hours. It can be held in the pocket for 24 hours (of course, except for clicking the screen). When paying, the difficulty of shaking the phone can finally be exempted. Some people say that using face -brushing payment will be addicted, Xiaobian will tell you seriously, really!
    3. Don't worry about the dilemma of walking.
    A long time ago, you must bring a key and wallet when you go out. Later, it became a mobile phone when you go out. Simply put, money, let us go out to have a sense of security. Many times we have the urge to go and go. The couple quarreled and said that they left, and they left before going to work, but when they went out, they found that the mobile phone did not bring. Either go home and get a mobile phone, or find someone to borrow money for a meal, and this era, who has how much cash to lend you?! But it ’s not the same. Don't forget to bring it! Although not all stores have popularized face -brushing equipment today, some large commercial supermarket stores or chain convenience can basically be found, so you do n’t worry about speaking. The face is your wallet.
    of course, the advantages of brushing face payment with the number of times and scenes increase, you will have more and more experience, so what about it?
    It briefly, the face -to -face payment has not yet been popularized. It requires the corresponding face brushing equipment to use, and the high price of the device has become the threshold for the use of certain merchants. In addition, the face brushing device also needs to be powered on, so this payment method has prerequisites. It can be used only when the prerequisite conditions are available.

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