3 thoughts on “Is the Dragon Card Global Payment Credit Card Double Logo? Is it all currency?”

  1. 1. The Global Payment Credit Card of the Dragon Card is a single currency VISA logo
    2. It is a full -currency credit card product issued by China Construction Bank for overseas consumption needs. You also provide the exclusive equity of exemption fees for foreign exchange exchange and foreign currency transactions to repay the repayment
    3, its main function is: foreign exchange exchanges for exchange fees. Dragon Card Global Payment Card is universal at home and abroad, and all foreign currency transactions (including credit card consumption, online consumption, withdrawal, etc.) have achieved automatic foreign exchange purchase. Calculating the RMB to the Dragon Card Global Payment Card RMB account. Just return the arrears, and the repayment is more convenient.

  2. The dual identification is a dual currency card. As for the entire currency card, I have just seen the card surface and I haven't seen the real card.

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