5 thoughts on “1 How much RMB is equal to Bitcoin?”

  1. According to the transaction price on the market today's 3.20 market,
    Bitcoin is $ 5.8W, nearly 38W RMB
    Bitcoin has increased very fast,
    Sometimes the price difference between one day is 10,000 US dollars, almost 6W 6W The floating of the RMB

    3.20 Bitcoin real -time transaction price

  2. When the price of Bitcoin this year was the lowest price of New Year's Day, the lowest price was 28,320 US dollars, which was about RMB 18,4196. So far, the highest price of Bitcoin this year is to create 61,829 US dollars on March 14, about RMB 40,2141.
    When I was writing this article, according to the data from OKEX, the current price of Bitcoin was $ 55,170, and according to the current exchange rate, it was equivalent to RMB 35,8831.

  3. The exchange rate for Bitcoin today is: 1 Bitcoin = 376171.25 RMB. According to today's exchange rate, 1 Bitcoin can be exchanged for 376171.2500 yuan.

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