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  1. It is recommended to use regular channel loans to avoid causing profits to be unable to repay and be deceived.
    and there is no handling fee through bank loans. I hope customers will be carefully scored and beware of fraud.
    The agricultural banks will have different loan policies for different loans, and they can consult the local agricultural bank.
    The agricultural bank currently has a small consumer loan and has business with salaries and Net Jie Loan.
    The network Jie Loan refers to a small consumer loan issued by the Agricultural Bank to a personal client of Agricultural Bank of Agricultural Bank of Agricultural Bank of Agricultural Bank of China that is applied by customer self -service, quickly arrived, and self -service.
    "Salary" is a RMB loan issued by Agricultural Bank to a good personal high -quality customer with good personal high -quality customers, using personal stable salary income as repayment guarantee, and to meet consumer demand. Following salaries shall not be used for the use of national laws, regulations and credit policies.
    Caijie loan can apply through the bank and personal online banking. If the conditions are eligible, you can apply online and approval in real time. Very convenient and fast.
    The application steps: Deceive the palm to the bank and click on the RMB fast E loan. The system will automatically review whether the conditions meet the conditions. After passing, fill in the information, then you can.
    The object of loan loans:
    (1) Customers who have not settled in personal housing loans (referred to as "mortgage customers").
    (2) Customers who pay housing provident funds on time (referred to as "provident fund customers").
    (3) customers who pay social insurance on time (referred to as "social security customers").
    (4) Our paid customers (referred to as "paying salary customers").
    (5) Other customers who meet our travel conditions and hold our debit card (referred to as "debit card customers").
    If you need to overdraw cash, it is recommended to try to apply for the Agricultural Bank of China credit card. At the age of 18, the credit record is good, and you can try to apply for a legal, sufficient and stable income or assets.
    The necessary application materials include identity documents and income certificates.
    The application method:
    The application of relevant materials to the Agricultural Bank of China for application. The approval time is about 30 days.
    If customers to get the bank and personal online banking customers, you can apply through online banking and palm banking banks. The approval time is about 7 working days.
    This from the official service of the Agricultural Bank of China-Credit Card-I want to apply for a card and apply online. Such an application requires a face-to-face sign.

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