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  1. New Devil's Realm:
    The level is of course important at the beginning, because you are more advanced than others, which means that you can enter the new map early! Essence It also means that you can hit what others need. These things are the root of your old books.

    . When we played the new district, many people wanted to upgrade madly, so they hit some garbage equipment, books, stones, or something, directly selling shops. But when I upgraded, I found no money to buy medicine. In fact, you only need to open one more stalls to sell. The new district is lacking. Like me, I rushed to level 38 the next day, and there were several equipment on the body. And a few of them have to keep up with the level of garbage (white boutique), but each one costs 450,000 to collect! Essence

    It some players will also set the money to make money in the skull hole, because it will burst level 24 books, but I personally don’t think that since the opening of the Platinum coin system, I have used the platinum coin to use the platinum coin. You can buy level 24 books, so level 24 books began to start! In the first week of the new district, the book on the lower ancient floor should be the most valuable, that is, 30 books, especially the Bingfa. It may rise to about 300,000, so I have been sympathetic to the ice. So as long as you rose to level 35 on the first or the next day, you should be a wealthy man in the next week. In ancient times, the probability of explosion books in ancient times was very high, and four or five books were bursting normally in an hour. Open a trumpet and sell it casually. In addition to Bingshu, one can be sold for 10W, but while you upgrade, the trumpet will walk more when you have time, because there are always novices who do n’t understand, and things are sold out. So this is a big opportunity for your Taobao. You have a good vision enough, and the treasures you have to find a few weeks may be dozens of times of profit! Essence

    One week before the new district, craft stone and artisan ingenuity, black artisan, and the price are average. The heart and the black artisan will reduce the price. At this time, the craft stone will be thrown, because the craft stone is not very valuable (the craft stone explosion rate is high, the card can be obtained), the craftsmanship can be collected, at the beginning,, at the beginning, the beginning, at the beginning,, at the beginning, 67,000 can be received. You can receive as much as possible, because the craftsmanship is the most lacking in the later period. After a month, it should be about 130,000! Essence

    . Then, in terms of practicing life skills, everyone only needs to practice a 10th level (it is best to play a trumpet to level 10 in the first place, and then practice the large number, then the large number This kind of mine that you can pick two or three days than others.) As long as you are forging to the second level and do the second -level hand, (because the first -level hands are white,) white shop, other disassembly into powder, ordinary Powder, ordinary powder can flush the artisan, and the magic stone stone appears at the same time when disassembling ordinary powder. At the beginning, Magic Stone is an entry material for the craftsman, so one will not be lower than 1W,

    The same time at the same time If you have money, you have to rush the tailor quickly. As long as you close the first -level cloth, because you just open the area, there are many players, and many people have the first -class cloth seller, so you only need to collect 2000 in one set. Just 4000, you can receive a lot! Essence After the tailor is rushed to the third level, you can remove it into a good fan. Specifically, the days when you love in the magic world (teach you to make money, earn 2 million daily not to dream), it is not a dream). At that time, Youfen was not worthy.

    It some high -level players can also go to Jin Ge Boos, no one grabs you, but if you want two people (what you can do), the level only needs to be 35 . Essence This is also a good opportunity to get rich.

    Because there are not many money in the new district, and there are not many explosive products, so there are not many things involved

    In again, let's talk about the faster upgrade method. After level 10, you can go to the main city to take the task. There are many tasks. Unknown friends can find NPCs in the main city one by one, and each order. Pick up the tasks, because many tasks are the same strange. The experience of the early mission is still considerable.

  2. The front is too much! Open the trumpet, to the goblin, the coast (preferably a doctor, the summoner of the natural guardian) usually 10W out of 10W and half an hour.

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