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  1. legitimate.
    okex's domestic legitimacy of the pan -European Exchange can be judged from the following aspects:
    . Opinions of OKEX Exchange
    okex are the world's leading digital asset exchange. By using the blockchain use Technology provides advanced financial services for global traders. It offers hundreds of tokes and futures transactions to help traders optimize their strategies. At present, the trading volume of the exchange ranks eighth, providing Daily transaction volume of $ 1.5 billion and $ 5 billion in BTC futures for millions of users in more than 100 countries/regions. Okax's founder firmly believes in blockchain technology and is committed to providing innovative and improved services to meet and surpass its customer's trading experience.
    . The registration process of OKEX registration, login and restrictions
    is very simple. You only need to start to be an effective email address. You will be asked to log in to your designated email address and enter the verification code. There is no need to upload any Kyc file, unless you plan to withdraw more than 100 British heat units in 24 hours.
    In registration, you can log in to OKEX with your email ID and password. You should also set and activate 2FA and SMS identity verification (strong recommendation) to improve security. For this reason, please navigate to the "account security" in the "configuration file" section. For more information, you can also read its guide.
    Third, how to calculate OKEX transaction costs
    It before deciding to conduct cryptocurrency transactions, evaluating the cost of transaction is very important. This is particularly important when trading a large position or a multi -time transaction within a day or a day, and it will devour your profits.
    1. Deposit/withdrawal
    okex does not charge deposits or withdrawal fees. When you extract Bitcoin from the exchange, you need to charge the lowest Bitcoin network fee, which is determined by the load of the blockchain. The cost of the blockchain is 0.0005 British heat unit
    2. Transaction cost
    okex uses a layered structure to determine the user's transaction cost based on the 30 -day transaction volume. VIP's transaction volume is about 1,000BTC, so we will focus on normal transaction costs.
    .okex user interface
    For all traders, when choosing a cryptocurrency exchange, the graphic interface is one of the most important considerations. Especially for traders who rely on technical analysis to find market advantages. When selecting cryptocurrencies, you must be familiar with the trading interface, order type and chart tools. It must be felt right, because this is where you spend most of the time here!

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