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  1. Is illegal fund -raising the offline guilty? Crime; in accordance with my country's criminal law [illegal absorption of public deposits] Article 176 illegally absorbing public deposits or disguised public deposits, disrupted financial order, will be sentenced to imprisonment or detention of less than three years, and 20,000 For more than 200,000 yuan or less; if there is a huge amount or other serious circumstances, it will be imprisoned for three years and less than ten years, and a fine of 50,000 yuan and 500,000 yuan. If the unit offend the previous crime, the unit will be punished and the person in charge and other responsible persons who are directly responsible for will be punished in accordance with the provisions of the previous paragraph. The form of illegal fund -raising recognition methods has various forms of illegal fund -raising, and the concealment and deception are getting stronger and stronger. How to identify and prevent illegal fund -raising relevant departments suggest: carry out prevention of illegal fund -raising, recognize the essence and harm of illegal fundraising. 2. Correct identification of illegal fund -raising activities mainly depends on whether the subject qualification is legal, and whether the fundraising activities they are engaged in obtaining relevant approval. Third, enhance the awareness of rational investment. High income is often accompanied by high risks, and irregular economic activities contain huge risks. Therefore, — must strengthen the awareness of rational investment and protect their own rights in accordance with the law. Fourth, strengthen the self -awareness of participating in illegal fund -raising risks. Illegal fundraising is illegal act, and the funds and related interests of participants invested in illegal fund -raising are not protected by law. Therefore, when some units or individuals return to high -interest deposits, stocks, bonds, funds and development projects at high investment, we must carefully identify and invest cautiously. The public security organs remind the general public that if one of the following situations "investment" and "financial management" projects, we must be vigilant: 1. If "see advertising, earn fast" and "consumer rebates" as a cover; , Options, foreign exchange, precious metals, etc. as a cover; 3. Those who invest in high returns or "free" pensions as the investment in the elderly industry; [1] 5. Those who invest in "virtual currency" and "blockchain" as a cover; 6. Those who use "poverty alleviation", "charity", "mutual assistance" as the cover; Those who issue advertisements; 8. Recruit the elderly people by organizing inspections, travel, lectures, etc.; Account pays investment funds. What is illegal fund -raising illegal fund -raising (the notice on the "Notice on the Prohibition of Illegal Financial Institutions and illegal financial business activities") means Fund securities or other debt vouchers raised funds from the public, and promised to repay the principal and interest or give rewards to the investors within a certain period of time in a certain period of time. In order to punish illegal fund -raising criminal activities such as illegal absorption of public deposits and fundraising fraud, the Supreme People's Court, together with relevant units such as the China Banking Supervision and Administration Commission, and other relevant units, have studied and formulated the "Explanation of Several Issues on Specific Specific Application Laws of Criminal Cases of illegal Fund". Judicial interpretation will be implemented from January 4, 2011. Based on the above, illegal fundraising is not only guilty of the principal, but also the following participants will also get corresponding punishment. In violation of the law, my country's law has now achieved the principle of wrong punishment, and the victims can also have grievances.

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