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  1. MB: A storage unit in a computer, read as a mega, 1024MB = 1G
    MB or MIB can be:
    . 106
    The bit group (byte)
    mbit or mibit can be
    mebibit. 220
    bit (bit)
    megabit. 106
    bit (bit)
    ① Generally refers to selling their own flesh to the same sex for Money. Boy. MB is generally good, looks good, and most of them are small. The reason for doing MB is purely for money, but many of them have been frustrated in the same sex emotion, and some are also very light and careless.
    ② literally translated as a money boy. It refers to a man who provides paid services to the same sex, belongs to a male prostitute. Male prostitutes include men who only provide paid services to the opposite sex; men who only provide paid services to the same sex; men who provide paid services to the same sex to the opposite sex. The third type of male prostitute can also be regarded as a type of MB. MB is not necessarily homosexual. There are many MBs that only have sex for money and same -sex, not for sexual needs, nor do they have sexual needs in this regard. Men who do not use money as exchange conditions and do not belong to MB with same -sex behavior, such as one -night stand (419) of the same sex with the same sex. Some boys just feel fun.
    MB in other brand fields and products
    1. The abbreviation of Metusbon Wei;
    = mother
    board, Mainboard.
    bass abbreviation, the heavy subwoofer developed by Sony company is a bass compensation function.
    MB as an explanation of the network language (sub -culture)
    1. The abbreviation of scolding in the online world. Some people also paralyze the full name;
    2. The virtual game currency of the popular online game dance troupe now.
    3. The abbreviation of "worship". The worship of Daniel's inner worship in the Internet world.
    mop (cat flutter net) virtual gold coins;
    MB: Mapbasic program file extension
    1. Mapinfow software can run the program source code file;
    2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 . The expansion name of the file before compilation is MB, and the compilation is MBX;
    3. One type of Basic language to help users develop
    mapinfo application software;
    Realize the automatic repeated operation of the program and integrate Mapinfo with other application software.

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