jewelry wholesale trade shows nyc The difference between JDK and Java virtual machine

jewelry wholesale trade shows nyc What is the general Java development tool now

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  1. wholesale silver jewelry online JDK contains virtual machines and development environments. The specific explanation is as follows:
    1.sdk and JDK and JRE: · SDK (Software Kit) generally refers to software development packages, which can include function libraries and compilation programs.
    · JDK (Java Kit) is an SDK used for Java developers, which provides Java's development environment and operating environment.
    · Jre (Java Runtime) refers to the operating environment of Java and is a user -oriented user, not a developer.
    The status of a PC is like a PC. The written Win32 application requires the operating system to run. Similarly, the written Java program must also need JRE to run. So after installing
    jdk, if two sets of JRE are installed in two different places on the hard disk, then the computer has two virtual Java
    PCs, both of which have the function of running the Java program.

  2. new york wholesale jewelry show First, Java is different from the compilation execution of C and C . Java is an interpretation execution, that is, the machine code that is not CPU can be performed directly after Java compiles. And need to translate one thing again. The advantage is that it improves the cross -platform nature. The disadvantage is that the speed is sacrificed. To be honest, when the CPU is good, the CPU is not good. That is, when I opened it for the first time. So this thing is the Java virtual machine. You can think that as long as you want to perform the Java program, you must be a Java virtual machine, also called JVM. But only JVM is not enough. Also need other types of loaders. The verification device, the class library or something. The collection of these things is JRE, Java running environment. JVM is the element of JRE. JDK is Java SE Kit is the development package of the Java standard version. That is, including the Java compiler, the packing tool, the annotation tool, what these things. JRE is a subset of JDK ~

  3. in season jewelry wholesale I never thought about the difference. Essence Essence The name is different. General tools developed by Java? Intersection Basically, they are eclipse, and many of them are based on his foundation, that is, it is assembled by my own plug -in, but it is actually eclipse

  4. wholesale masai jewelry JDK is a Java development toolkit, which provides Java's development environment and operating environment. Java virtual machine is a platform for reading and execution of Java's bytecode

  5. wholesale swarovski crystal jewelry sets JDK is just some development package virtual machines that run the code tool you write.

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