unique fashion jewelry wholesale QCY, Peat, Lenovo, Walkman, Shadow Giant, FIIL, IKF which are better to choose?

unique fashion jewelry wholesale

1 thought on “unique fashion jewelry wholesale QCY, Peat, Lenovo, Walkman, Shadow Giant, FIIL, IKF which are better to choose?”

  1. wholesale ring jewelry FIIL's sound quality is okay.
    The headset is a symbol of human portable sound. Mobile headphones are divided into two standards: OMTP standards are usually called national standards, and CTIA is called international standards. The headphones are classified according to their transformation methods, mainly: dynamic circles, moving iron methods, electrostatic and other magnetic formulas.
    This is classified from a structural function method, which can be divided into semi -open and closed type; classification from the form of wearing has earplugs, hanging ear, in -ear, and wearing; Single -player headphones and multi -person headphones; different from the sound source, can be divided into active headphones and passive headphones; active headphones are often called card -insert headphones.
    The price range of the headset is ranging from hundreds of thousands of RMB. The general price is generally around 20 yuan, and the slightly better price is about 400 yuan. If it is a header, the price is usually higher. Top headphones, such as limited edition headphones produced by top brands, can reach hundreds of thousands of RMB.
    Model parameters:
    Listed date: October 2015; wear method: headset. Headset type: headset; functional purpose: Bluetooth headset. Plug/interface: 3.5mm plug (gold plating); cable length: 1.3m. Unit diameter: 40mm; impedance: 32 ohm. Sensitivity: 110dB; communication distance: 100M.
    This noise reduction function: yes; Bluetooth technology: 4.1. Battery type: lithium polymer battery; endurance time: Bluetooth battery life (noise reduction shutdown)> 33 hours; wired battery life (noise reduction shutdown):> 32 hours. The range of microphone frequency: 100-10000Hz; microphone: Yes.

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