1 thought on “How to draw cartoon cats”

  1. Step 1: The outline of the head and body. Use the circle to represent the head, add cross vertical lines and horizontal lines to the center of the head, and add an oval to the body of the cat.
    Step 2: Use two small circles to make the eyes, draw the nose and mouth, and draw the two -half almond shape on both sides of the head.
    The third step: draw the contour of the limbs to make the back of the legs round.
    The fourth step: draw the tail, the tail is long and curved.
    The fifth step: black eyes, add beard, you can also add a neck circle to the cat's neck.
    Step 6: Draw the body, add some furry thin lines on the body.
    Step 7: Apply your favorite color, and the cute cartoon cat has been completed.

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