3 thoughts on “Can my own breeding pet dog make money?”

  1. You can make money, you can make money, you can sell it, or sell it online.

    not only our Chinese businessmen think that the transaction of pet dogs is very promising, and even Korean merchants in our friendly neighborhood have joined the ranks of pet dog speculation. According to the owner of a pet store in Shenyang City, many Korean businessmen in modern times came to Dalian, Liaoning, Anshan and other places in the northeast, and a large number of puppies such as Beijing -Pakistan, Bomei, Baro, etc. Training in a special pet school, and then transferred the trained pet dogs to Europe, the Americas and South America markets. It is said that the cubs of pet dogs acquired in hundreds of yuan in China, after being plated at the Korean pet school, can buy hundreds of euros to the European market, and the profit is nearly 10 times.
    The staff of a pet industry association analyzed that in fact, if simple pet speculation is definitely not long -term scores, more pet enthusiasts and pet entrepreneurs should still turn attention to pet food and pet supplies. Among them, that is the eternal way of wealth.

  2. Of course, you can take it out or sell it online. You can see what kind of variety and hair color can be searched for similar prices such as Taobao.

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