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  1. Step:
    1, please set the virtual machine to QVM to support Spice Client online. Please refer to the following format for setting:
    a. Please start the virtual machine workstation, click "", the button will be displayed as "".
    b. Select the virtual machine that needs to be set and enter the virtual machine information Page, check "Local Display".
    2, download and install spice client (virt-video), you can download the following installation files from the spice website:
    VIRT-VIEWER WINDOWS Installer n3. Get the QVM port
    QVM port to check in the following two places:
    "Console Port"

    4, move the mouse to the virtual machine information page The "console" button on the

    5, execute Virt-Viewer parallel to the virtual machine desktop
    6, start Virt-Viewer, input at the address field: "spice: //: qvm port", for example : SPICE: // 5901 and click "Connect".

    7, input virtual password
    8, because SPICE only supports a single online, so when the virtual machine is not used in the mixed desktop workstation, you can directly connect to the virtual desktop. But if you are using:
    9, if the virtual machine has a set password, enter your password and add "@Admin". For example, when your password is "1234", enter "1234@admin".

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