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  1. GMR comes from Singapore Great Eastern, MAPLETREE, Raffles Medical, which are the top three top companies of insurance, asset value -added management and medical care.
    GMR was established on October 15, 2021. It has the first network fund management license in Singapore in addition to the financial system.
    The office office in Japan, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and other Asia -Pacific regions, respectively.

    GMR core mechanism
    The destruction mechanism is the core mechanism of GMR. The destruction mechanism adopts a new generation of MDCAI algorithm to create a new benchmark for splitting and the out of the process. Essence
    GMR is continuously innovated as the new benchmark of the split world. The destruction mechanism is the top priority of the GMR split project, which constructs a perfect circle. You have me, you have you, everyone is a winner, everyone is a winner Essence
    What is the destruction mechanism?
    The destruction mechanism is a width and width mechanism, a mechanism that follows and goes out.
    Why are the core mechanism of GMR not split, but the destruction mechanism? The purpose of splitting is to make all the players involved in it, not a string of exactly reach. The invention of the destruction mechanism breaks the number that is expected to be expected to split. The GMR immediately becomes a new generation of split benchmarking with the destruction mechanism.
    I assumed: A player has 1000GE equity, and the total issue equity is 1 million.
    In after the split, the 1000GE equity owned by A player is destroyed. Now the total issuance of the total equity is 999,000 shares and the destroyed equity is 1,000 shares. And the company only collects 200EP handling fees.
    The player at this moment is at any time. The equity purchased is the equity destroyed by the A player. General points and cash coins can be irreversible into registered points.
    Why can't the cash coin be converted to GP equity?
    gmr's core is to make all players make money, not a string of numbers.
    The cash coins can only be converted into registered points or sell directly. Registered points can be used to expand the market and sell directly to obtain benefits.
    only one mechanism, GMR has become a new generation of split benchmark.
    bonus system:
    1. See the point award
    When there is a little bit under your map, you can get the point prize of this point
    v1 to get 5 layers of viewing, See the point prize ratio of 1%;
    v5 can get 25 layers of point awards, see the point ratio of 1%.
    2, direct push award
    Coules to participate in GMR to get the player's direct push reward
    v1 to get the player's 8%direct prize;
    v5 can get the player 12%direct push awards
    The bumps
    This on the left and right areas can be obtained 5%, 10 times daily, 1000 caps per day;
    v5 can get 8%, you can touch 100 times a day, 5000 caps
    leadership awards
    The leadership award for bumping prizes
    v1 leadership award is 5% The number of layers can be obtained at 5 layers
    v5 leadership award to generate 5%of the bumper prize. If you are suitable, you can do it, just look at it. Welcome to the team leader WeChat:

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